Phoebes Custom Museum Bag

My daughter Phoebe was recently invited to go with a friend on a visit to the American Natural History Museum in NYC.

We were talking about what she should bring and she told me that she wanted a bag to carry which could hold pencils and a notebook so she could do some drawings and take notes.

She also wanted it to hold her camera and her money (for the gift shop!). As I didn't have anything that quite fit the bill we decided to make her something and one for her friend too. 


It was a combined effort but most of the creative direction came from Phoebe who chose all the fabrics. She wanted to include their initials and a small pocket for an eraser. I love how they came out and the girls had a blast at the museum. Their bags proved a big hit and a really useful thing to carry what they needed for the day. 

I think I might have to add it to the shop, what do you think? 




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