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Car Playmat & 4 Rolls of Tape

This playmat together with road and train tacks tape and is perfect to have in your bag and is also great for using at home to make tracks wherever you want. It can be used on any surface- the floor, a table even the wall and can be taken off without leaving any residue.

This come with 4 rolls of Tape and a Car Playmat (2 of each design)

The tape is removable and won't leave any residue behind. It is not mean't to be reused or re-rolled but can be if used carefully.

The rolls are 2 " wide and 5m long (5 1/2 yards)
Both designs include a crossing.

You can also choose the option for a toy car to go with your set:

These cute Candylab Toy cars are small packed with fun! . They are perfect to go with my playmats and are made in Brooklyn NY from part wood and part diecast.
These are available in 5 different styles:

1 Red Racer
2 Police Car
3 Blue racer
4 Yellow Taxi and
5 Teal Wagon

Made from Solid Beech Wood, water-based paint and clear urethane coat. ABS plastic rims, with plastic tires.
Safety tested according to US CPSIA and European, Australian and New Zealand regulations.

Dimensions: 3.5" L x 1.6" W x 1.6" H (8.9cm L x 4.15cm W x 3.1cm H

Weight: 3oz / 85g  

PRODUCT SAFETY All products are CPSC Safety Compliant 

About SO Handmade

Hi, I'm Sarah Omura, founder of SO Handmade. I started SO Handmade when my children were toddlers. I wanted to make interesting and fun toys for them that would spark their imagination -- so I made them.

Turns out, it's not just my kids that love them. (Check out our 1200+ reviews!)

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I design all of my products myself and hand screen the organically sourced fabric before I sew them together. Products are made in my home studio in Woodstock NY.

My products are aimed to inspire children's creativity, imagination, and help them appreciate the world around them.