Rainbow Gift Set

Rainbow crayon bag together with a matching rainbow magic wand and a rainbow unicorn headband.

This rainbow collection is a great gift for any little one who loves using their imagination, creativity and having fun.

The rainbow crayon bag is perfect for your little one to carry around out and about and to draw or doodle wherever they like. This handmade bag comes complete with 6 crayons and a little notepad. It is kept together with a cute rainbow kaleidoscope button and elastic fastening. The hemp rope is lovely and soft and is fastened to the bag with a safety catch to allow it to easily come apart. Decorated with a unique rainbow and crayon design it is not only functional but also very stylish.
The rainbow magic wand and unicorn headband is perfect to with any costume.
The rainbow wand was designed by myself and jingles when shaken. It is backed by a sun and rain design and also has a rainbow of ribbon colors sewn in.

These items was designed by myself and printed onto 100% polyester canvas with 45% recycled content and sturdy construction.

They were also sewed together in my home studio.
Using recycled content in the fabric and hemp rope this product is Eco-friendly


The bag contains two pockets in the front for the crayons and a back pocket for the notepad.
It is closed using a small elastic and rainbow button.
The  rope is 25" long and can easily be made shorter if needed. It is attached to the bag with a rainbow ribbon loop, one side of which has a velcro fastening to ensure the rope will come away from the bag easily in emergency situations. This product is CPSC safety compliant
Closed the bag is 5.25" wide by 6" high
Open it is 5.25" wide and 10.5" high
The 6 crayons are 0.4" wide by 5" high
The notepad is 3" x 5" and contains 100 pages
The wand is 13.5" high. The rainbow at the end is 2.5" high x 4.5" wide and 1.5' thick.
Headband: The unicorn part is 5" by 1.5". The elastic is 15" un-stretched
The headband is a universal size to fit all. 

PRODUCT SAFETY All products are CPSC Safety Compliant
CHOKING HAZARD: Not meant for children under 3 years of age

About SO Handmade

Hi, I'm Sarah Omura, founder of SO Handmade. I started SO Handmade when my children were toddlers. I wanted to make interesting and fun toys for them that would spark their imagination -- so I made them.

Turns out, it's not just my kids that love them. (Check out our 1200+ reviews!)

Organic, Eco-Friendly

I design all of my products myself and hand screen the organically sourced fabric before I sew them together. Products are made in my home studio in Woodstock NY.

My products are aimed to inspire children's creativity, imagination, and help them appreciate the world around them.




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