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Set of 2 Car Playmats

This set of 2 handmade car playmats is perfect to carry all your children's favorite toy cars to bring out and about. Each playmat can hold 4 cars and rolls up into a small package to fit into any bag. The road pattern and tunnel serve as a great track to drive your cars on before parking them back into their numbered slots.


The car playmats can fit 4 cars, from hot wheels to pixel cars in size.

It can be rolled together and attached using a small elastic and button.

Flat the dimensions are 11" x 14"
Rolled up containing 4 cars the dimensions are 6" x 4" x 4"
The 4 pockets are 4" high by 3.5" wide


PRODUCT SAFETY All products are CPSC Safety Compliant
CHOKING HAZARD: Not meant for children under 3 years of age


About SO Handmade

Hi, I'm Sarah Omura, founder of SO Handmade. I started SO Handmade when my children were toddlers. I wanted to make interesting and fun toys for them that would spark their imagination -- so I made them.

Turns out, it's not just my kids that love them. (Check out our 1200+ reviews!)

Organic, Eco-Friendly

I design all of my products myself and hand screen the organically sourced fabric before I sew them together. Products are made in my home studio in Woodstock NY.

My products are aimed to inspire children's creativity, imagination, and help them appreciate the world around them.