Zero Waste Studio!

Zero Waste Studio!

Zero Waste Studio!

When I create my play mats and products I always  use eco-friendly materials as much as possible. One of my commitments to the environment is also to create as little waste as possible.

I try to print each piece in such a way to maximize the use of the fabric. But I always end up with some thin strips on my organic cotton canvas leftover.

At one craft fair I got talking to the lovely Crispina Ffrench who specializes in using recycled materials in her home decor range of products. As a life long eco- entrepreneur she has grown a community of like-minded creative textile recyclers working toward Zero-Waste. I told Crispina about the pieces I have and she agreed to take them to see if she could use them in her work.

Crispina launched this range that includes the most beautiful coverlets made using my studio scraps. She has transformed something from the floor in my studio to true pieces of art.

From this box of scraps to this beautiful blanket.

I am so excited to continue collaborating with her and have a way to recycle my scraps going forward and become Zero Waste!

Check out her blog interview with me here.

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