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How to Pack a Toy Bag for Travel: Tips for Family Vacations

How to Pack a Toy Bag for Travel: Tips for Family Vacations

Going on a family vacation and packing for everyone is like a military operation. Remembering all the right clothes for every possible activity is hard enough without having to remember any toys to keep the kids entertained.

I wanted to create an essential guide to packing toys that you can bring with you which are easy to carry, portable and will keep the kids entertained and happy whether you are having to wait at the airport, traveling on a plane or a road trip.

They are also great to use on vacation whether it's in a restaurant or at the hotel or back at home after the vacation ends.

Learn how to pack a toy bag for travel and discover what essentials to include for a fun-filled family vacation

How to Pack Toys For Travel: The Best Toy Bags For Travel

zippered pouches for travel bags

The best way for packing toys for travel is to organize the toys for each individual child.

I love these zippered pouches which you can personalize with a label with the kids name and bring out when they need a toy to entertain them.

These are also easy to grab when you find your seats on the airplane and need to stow your carry on in the overhead compartments.

Grab the pouches and keep them in the seat pocket until you need them. These go to grab bags can help kids of any age to be entertained and happy on a long journey or bigger trips.

My kids also loved carrying their own backpack when traveling which makes it much easier for the parents! You can pack their own travel toys, stuffed animals and favorite toys in their own backpack and also a reusable water bottle in the pocket.

Can I Carry Toys in Cabin Baggage?

tray table with road tape

Most small toys are fine to bring with you as carry on for the plane ride. Make sure you don't however bring any type of kids nerf guns, squirt guns or similar imitation weapons. If you plan on bringing any toys that have batteries also check these comply with the airline rules before traveling. Or remove batteries before packing toys.





How Do You Pack Small Toys?

I don't suggest bringing really small toys such as small hatchimals or animal figures onto the plane or traveling. These can get dropped and lost really easily. Also stay away from bringing any delicate toys as they could easily get broken. 

If you do decide to bring them I suggest you also pack them in zippered bags such as these.

A great tip is to add a sticker to the front of the pouch where you write down exactly what and how many is in the bag. That way you can make sure they are all returned after play time.


How Do You Pack A Toddler Bag For Travel?

Toddlers and younger children love carrying their own bags when going away on vacation but keep in mind that when they are tired or for no reason at all they might refuse to carry it anymore and you are left with more bags to carry!

For this reason I love my foldable travel duffel bag or totes. It zips up really small and I keep it in my bag. Then once layers are discarded, bags are dropped and duty free shopping has been done I can get it out and put everything in this one larger bag. So much easier for carrying! This is also a great totes for using on vacation especially to take for wet towels after a beach visit.

So if you pack a backpack for your toddler make sure not to overfill or make it too heavy as you will be the one who has to bear the brunt!

Here's what I recommend you pack in your toddlers carry on:


Go To Travel Toys: Make Your Own Busy Bags

Once you have your labeled zippered pouches ready to take with you on vacation here are some of the best children's travel toys to fill them with as an alternative to screen time. 


  1. Sticker Books: These Melissa and Doug sticker books are super fun and will pass the time quickly
    sticker books







toddler construction toy2. Play Mats  My range of portable play mats and toys  are perfect for your travel busy bags! 






doodle tablet3. Doodle Tablet: great analog tablets for drawing and creative fun







4. Fidget Toys: Great to keep little hands busy 

fidget toys








5. Water Wow Books: Perfect no mess coloring fun! 

water wow books






6. Sensory Buckle Pillow Toy   A perfect toys for promoting fine motor skills

buckle toy









      Best Seller Travel Toy Bag

      Here are some of So Handmade's best selling travel toys which are perfect for travel bags:

      1. Toy Car Storage (Personalization available): For hot wheel size toy cars, this is many a toddlers favorites. It has a road track on one side to drive around and numbered pockets for your favorite vehicles on the other side. 

        toy car storage play mat being used by a toddler on a plane
      2. Train Play Mat: Oh the places you can go with this train play mat! Options to add a wooden train which 'rests' in the tunnel for instant portable fun. It rolls up with the train inside and is portable and washable. 

        toddler playing with train on train play mat
      3. Car Play Mat:  This cute play mat holds your favorite vehicles and also has the added tunnel for the vehicles s to zoom over and under. It folds up to easily stow away in your busy travel toy bag. 

        toddler travel toys
      4. Construction Play Mat: Zoom and play all over the construction zone with a great wooden construction toy! It folds up small and has a cute construction themed design on the back. 

        boy playing with wooden digger on a construction play mat


      5. Toy Car Pouch: This pouch and play mat all in one can hold your favorite toy vehicle in the zipper pouch to bring on the go! The lightweight play mat folds up inside the pouch and can be taken out in an instant for pretend play. 


      Benefits of Using Busy Bags For Travel:

      So Handmade's range of Travel Play mats offers a convenient solution for on-the-go entertainment, fitting neatly into your purse for spontaneous play sessions. These play mats offer numerous benefits for your children, serving as a screen-free alternative.

      1. Stimulating Entertainment:

      Travel Playmats serve as dynamic backdrops for your children's imaginative tales and adventures, evolving with their storytelling throughout the journey, ensuring enduring engagement on lengthy trips.

      2. Fostering Imagination and Creativity:

      These playmats ignite children's creativity, encouraging them to craft their own narratives and scenarios. Initiate play by leveraging the theme of the mat to spark conversations that blossom into elaborate games and stories.

      3. Learning Opportunities:

      Travel Play mats double as educational tools, enabling the integration of learning into playtime. From identifying dinosaurs to engaging in matching games and counting exercises, these mats facilitate skill development on the fly.

      4. Comfort and Familiarity:

      Amidst the chaos of travel, these playmats offer a comforting sense of familiarity for children, easing their anxieties in unfamiliar surroundings. Adding personal touches like their favorite toy to a themed mat can further enhance their sense of security.

      5. Portability and Versatility:

      Crafted with portability in mind, So Handmade's Travel Play mats are lightweight and easily transportable, folding or rolling up for compact storage. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, they provide endless play possibilities—from long trips to park outings and beach days.


      Toys For Children Of Every Age:

      the best travel toys for 18 month olds
      travel toys for 2 year olds
      travel toys for 3 year olds
      travel toys for 4 year olds
      travel toys for 5 years old and up


      Conclusion: Why Are Toy Bags For Travel Important For Stress Free Family Trips

      Having a busy bag in your travel bag or seat pocket will not only will it keep your child occupied, but it will also encourage their imagination and creativity to flourish.

      When it comes to travel essentials for children, busy bags are a must-have item. These versatile travel bags come in various sizes, colors, and designs, making them perfect for carrying your child's favorite toys wherever you go. Whether it's a long road journey, a trip to the beach, or simply running errands around town, having a toy bag ensures that your kid stays entertained and happy.

      With convenient features like pockets, zippers, and personalized options, these bags make it easy to organize toys for kids of all ages. Plus, they're great for keeping small items like blocks or puzzles together and easily accessible.

      I highly recommend adding a busy bag to your cart before your next adventure—it's a small addition that makes a big difference in ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable time for both you and your child.


      If you like this blog post make sure you check out my Toddler Travel Tips and Road Trip Toys for more ideas.


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      Happy Travels! 

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      Traveling With Toddlers

      So handmade range of travel toys are ideal companions for your travels, dining outings, or visits to Grandma's house.

      Active toddlers and preschoolers often have abundant energy to expend while waiting at restaurants, during flights, or car rides. Being on the move shouldn't hinder their enjoyment of imaginative play!

      The idea is straightforward: provide children with tangible toys suitable for play anywhere, ensuring they're portable and easy to manage.

      Offering handmade toys as an option empowers kids to unleash their creativity, filling in colors and sounds against the canvas of a simple roadmap.