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10 Kids Party favors that aren't junk

10 Practical and Useful Party Favors For Kids That Aren't Junk

10 Practical and Useful Party Favors For Kids That Aren't Junk

When it comes to birthday parties for kids, one of the many things on your to-do list is to plan top party favors. These little tokens of appreciation are a way to extend the joy of the celebration beyond the event itself.

Whether it's a princess party for your little girl or a construction themed bash for your son's birthday party, or to give all the kids at a wedding. A party favors bag can add to make the day special for all the young guests. From colorful goody bags to a treasure box filled with toys and trinkets, the options are endless when it comes to delighting the little ones.

Having nice party favors for kids is not just about filling up party bags; they're about adding an extra layer of fun and excitement to the festivities. Temporary tattoos, art supplies, stickers, and small toys are popular choices, providing a fun activity for kids to enjoy long after the party ends.

If you're anything like me, returning home after your little kids have been to other kids birthday party often leaves you with a goodie bag full of surplus of cheap, plastic trinkets that serve no purpose beyond cluttering up the house.

Beyond the obvious environmental impacts of the manufacture and the disposal of them in our landfills I never felt comfortable giving these out at my kids party’s.

I have compiled a list of thoughtful and practical extra special birthday party favour ideas to celebrate your kids birthday party that are better for the environment and are more useful and practical for your guests.

Best Party Favors For Kids:

scratch art pack

1.     Scratch Art Packs: These come in packs of 15 and are perfect your party bags for a creative party for creative toddlers and kids




2.    Road Tape Party Favors. If you are having a car, train, construction, hot wheels

inspired party theme giving all the kids my road tape is a great gift that will give them many hours playing at home. My Toy Car Storage also makes a great gift for a toddler.


race car party favors


tic tac toe game

 3.     Mini Tic Tac Toe Games: These cute felt tic tac tow games are great for taking traveling as they come in a small pouch and come in packs of 12 or 30



personalized stickers

4.    Stickers: Personalize your own stickers like these from Sticker Mule for your own customized party favors for kids. Make a sticker of your kids face or a sheet or a larger round sticker with your child’s name and age. Temporary tattoos personalized with your kids face would also be super fun!


Nikki stix

 5.     Wikki Stix Packs: Comes in a pack of 20 and each pack has activity sheets, great for younger children goodie bags.



 6.    Rainbow Magic Wands: Also great for younger kids these sweet rainbow wands are a perfect handmade party favors for some magically pretend play fun and make a lovely colorful boys or girls party favors.


animal masks


7.     Animal Masks: Felt masks in packs of 24 in all different animals. These are great for pretend play!



watercolor paint kit
8.    Watercolor Painting Kids: Comes in packs of 20. Using the paint blocks at the side of the coloring pages fill in the pictures



crayon rock favors
9.    Crayons: Check out these great Rainbow Rock Crayon Mini Bags from Art 2 The Extreme. Lovely colorful crayons in gift bags that are multicolored and look like gems! Also my Crayon Roll is a perfect gift for little ones




kinetic sand
10. Kinetic Sand: 12 pack in a cute castle mold. This is always a favorite with my kids!





Bonus Idea: Another great birthday party favors idea for a car themed party is my Alphabet and Number Road Trace Activity books!


Do Kids Need Party Favors?

No! It is definitely ok to skip party favors altogether. Rather concentrate on giving a fun filled party all the guests will enjoy and remember. Although some party guests expect to receive goody bags I don't think giving these little gifts on your special day should be the priority.

As a mom myself I would much prefer my kids not to receive party bags full of candy and useless plastic trinkets. I think that a fun party is much more important. Or if you want you can give just one gift that is more thoughtful and useful is much more important.

What to Pack in a Kids Party Pack?

I like to think about it in terms of a budget first. Once you have a budget and have divided this by the number of guests who will be receiving a goody bag.

 Then I like to include some of the items below as non junk party favors, here are a few ideas:

  • 1 Creative Toy (for drawing, play doh for sculpting etc)
  • 1 Game (like tic, tac, tow etc)
  • 1 Imaginary Play Toy (for example something for dress up like a wand or a mask or a super hero cape)
  • 1 Item that has the birthday kids name on it. Like personalized stickers or a fun note that says 'Thanks for coming to my party!'
  • 1 edible party favor for kids such as a a healthy snack
  • 1 educational party favors for kids like a matching game or a small activity book

I like using plain brown Kraft bags as homemade party favors for kids to pack the party favors in. The birthday kids decorate each one with birthday party favor sayings for their friends using colored crayons and stickers. You can also make personalized party favors and add cards thanking your friends for coming to the birthday party.

***With any consumable party favors make sure you check that no kids attending have any food allergies***

What Goes in a Party Bag for 3 Year Olds?

When looking for birthday party favours ideas, it's essential to consider the ages and interests of the guests. For younger children, simple toys are ideal, while older kids may appreciate more interactive gifts or themed prizes.

Some ideas for a 3 year old party: temporary tattoos, stickers, pretend play toys. You can follow the theme of the party.

Childrens gift bag ideas:

Here are some fun bags decorated with my road tape!

party bags for race car birthday

Guests Bring Items to Swap

A lovely idea for a unique party favors and an interesting diy kids party favors is to ask guests to bring something to swap. This could be instead of bringing gifts if you wish. Each guest brings something and gets to choose from all the other things guest bring to take home and give it a new beginning. This is a fun party activity as the kids gets to choose what to swap.

For example:

  • Cars: At a race car or construction birthday party guests can bring 5 of their hot wheels cars and bring 5 different ones home
  • Books: Have each invitee bring a book and choose a book from the collection to bring home
  • Art: have everyone bring a painting or make one at the party and then they can bring one home 

Other Birthday Party Ideas

Here are some fun party activities for kids to do at the event:
giant coloring page with kids coloring it
  • A fun party activity is to create a huge train track or road way for the kids to play with toy cars or trains on. Use my road or train tape to create an imaginary small world.

train party favors
  • You can also use this road or train tape for party decorations to decorate the table or party space. Check out this amazing construction birthday party using my road tape. This tape also makes great boys party favor ideas

  • A fun way to disperse children's party gifts is to have a treasure box full of prizes and create a simple scavenger hunt or a map to find it. 

Seasonal Celebrations

For hosts planning a summer birthday bash, consider incorporating cool party favors that tie into the season for your kids parties. From a beach theme party with beach-themed treats such as ice cream cones to insects-catching kit, to pool party goody bag ideas there are plenty of options to suit the sunny weather and keep the kids entertained. A tea party is also a really cute theme to use.

Best Tween Party Favors Ideas:

  • Squishmallows
  • Art Supplies
  • Chapstick
  • Glow Sticks
  • Keychains
  • Playing Cards
  • Yahtzee Game

These also work as good party favors for teens too!

Or go for an adventure theme and give 'explorer' party gifts such as a compass, flashlight, magnifying glass and other outdoor adventure gifts- this is a great idea for the 8 to 10 year old boy party favors

Birthday's To Remember!

In conclusion what makes a party isn’t the party favors it’s a memorable and fun filled special day! Party favors can add a little extra creativity and excitement for the party goer.

It’s also a handy way of telling everyone that the party is over. Instead of telling the sugar filled toddler ‘it’s time to go’ and getting a meltdown as a result. Saying “Come on! Lets get your party bag on the way out!’

This worked really well for my transition hating toddler! The birthday child can even hand them out and say goodbye and thank them for coming. 

Enjoy the party and be sure to share any photos with me on my instagram @SoHandmadeLLC

Check out these exciting party favors for all events and our top rated party favors gift ideas and we hope you have a wonderful celebration: 

kids party favors collection link
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