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summer kids craft ideas

5 Fun Summer Kids Craft Ideas for Every Age

5 Fun Summer Kids Craft Ideas for Every Age

With summer finally here I wanted to showcase 5 great outdoor summer kids craft ideas. When we go for a hike my family loves bringing pencils and paper with us and sitting in a tranquil spot to do some sketching.

We look for shapes in the natural beauty that we can use to make patterns. While sketching we listen for the sounds of nature all around us. Bringing the right tools to document what we see, hear and feel when we are on our adventures is critical for creating memories.

Summer Kids Craft Ideas

Here are the 5 craft products that we recommend for taking with you on your adventures:

1) Crayon Roll:

The first is my crayon roll it fits 12 crayons and rolls up small to bring out and about. Its perfect for the youngest in our family.

crayon roll with crayons

2) Travel Pencil Case:

The second for the next age group 4-7 and it's my Travel Pencil Case which fits 6 colored pencils and a pad of paper for some on the go doodling.


travel pencil case

3) Pencil Roll:

The third is my Pencil Roll which holds 24 high quality pencils and is perfect for older kids and adults alike. It also has a small pocket to fit an eraser or sharpener and rolls up easily to carry around.

pencil roll with girl coloring outside

4) Travel Wallet

My Travel Wallet is perfect for art projects as well as journaling and collecting memories from your travels. It has spots for pencils, a pocket for trinkets and also a pocket for maps, postcards or tickets you might collect on your travels.

backpack with travel journal

5) Field Notes Cover:

My field notes cover is a perfect small notebook to bring exploring. It come with a pencil and a field notes book so you can take notes, journal, draw, write stories or doodle when you are out and about
field notes book cover

Extra Activity For a Rainy Day!

Giant Coloring Page:

Even in the summer rainy days can happen. I have the perfect rainy day activity- a giant coloring page which can also be used as a play mat for to drive toy cars around on after coloring. It has a roadways, train tracks, a construction zone as well as a farm and school. I also have a printable version here.

boy coloring a giant coloring page 

For all my crafty products see the full line up here:



Here are some reviews for So Handmade coloring kits:

Perfect For Art On The Go *****

My kids each have one of these crayon pouches and they LOVE them! They are well-made, a great size, and easy for my kids to put on themselves. They have been wonderful at home, in the car, at the park, everywhere! There's room for a couple more crayons of this style if you're wanting more colors, but my kiddos have been happy with the variety provided. We don't go anywhere without them!

Adorable! *****

Purchased this for my adventurous & creative niece. It’s absolutely adorable - I can’t wait to gift it to her!

More Reviews For So Handmade Here


Have fun outside this summer!


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