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20 Ideas for Road Tape Play

20 Ideas for Road Tape Play: Drive Toy Cars Anywhere!

20 Ideas for Road Tape Play: Drive Toy Cars Anywhere!

create a new world of play with this road tape 

Road Tape is great for the imaginative toddler who's going places.

It is a must have for your play room and travel bag. It’s so versatile to create different worlds of imaginary play. This track and road tape is a perfect way for little ones to create their own path. 

Having rolls of this road washi tape and train washi tape for some indoor screen-free play on a rainy day can be a life saver for any busy toddler. It can be used in so many different ways around the home but also out and about!

It is also great for any age of children, appealing for little ones through older kids. Activities using the tape can be tailored appropriately to any age. As kids get older they can use their own creativity to make 'cityscapes'.

I have been compiling some fun ways to use this road tape for your next play idea. 

How to Make Roads for Toys Cars

toddler unrolling train track tape

Using the road tape and train tape is really easy, peel back the end and stretch it out wherever you want to use it.  It can be ripped by hand or using child safety scissors. Criss cross the road tape to make intersections and train tracks also crossing the roads. When you are finished it pulls up very easily without leaving residue. It can be used again if pulled up carefully and doesn't have any lint attached.

Where to use Road Tape At Home:

  • On the floor: Pick one area in the house and turn it into a huge roadway complex. Make sure you vacuum the floors first as lint can affect the tape not sticking down properly. Alternatively you can a make a track that follows a loop around the whole house! Each road tape roll is 5.5 yards (16.5‘) so you may need multiple rolls to stretch around the whole house. You can even stick it to the carpets!
  • On a table in the kitchen or the play room. Other pieces of furniture can also be included in the fun, stick it to the walls, high chair tray table, or even the back of the sofa! It will stick well to most surfaces and come away easily.
  • On foam board or cardboard boxes which you can stow away and bring out when you want to use it. It's also fun to use this foam board at an angle to create a ramp the cars to go down to create a race track.
  • In the playroom on your sensory table if you have one. You can stick the road tape around the sensory bins to create a loop of roads
  • On a tray or sensory container. Using play boulders and other construction toys to create a work site using the road tape as a base. Similarly the train tape can be used for a train activity.
  • Use printed traffic signs to add to playing area. It's fun to add stop and go signs to add to their fun

Activities Using Road Tape:

toy car cut and rescue game1. Toy Car Cut and Rescue Activity:

Using a muffin tray put some favorite small toy cars in the trays. Stick the road tape along the top of the tray covering these toys. The toddler can then use a pair of safety scissors to cut the tape and discover their toy cars. This is a great activity for scissor practice and fine motor skills. Toy cars can also be stuck to a wall using the tape for another ‘rescue’ activity.

2. Snow Sensory Tray:

snow sensory play with road tape

Stick road tape to a tray in an X shape. Using a transparent bowl fill with play snow. Put this on top of the road tape tray. Add construction toys to the play snow and have the toddlers snow plow the roads (below)

3. Cardboard Boxes Game:

Using empty cardboard boxes, flatten them out on the floor. Using the road tape create a play area. You can use extra pieces of cardboard to create tunnels. Remember to add traffic signs and traffic lights to add to the fun. Wooden blocks can also to used to add create building and bridges. 3. Cardboard Boxes Game:

4. Identify Traffic Signs: 

Have the kids identify each traffic sign they come too along a certain route while they are driving their toys cars around. Stop, Crossroad, Traffic Circle, Construction Zone Etc. 4. Identify Traffic Signs: 

Toddler Travel With Road Tape:

Road tape on a plane tray table For traveling it’s good to have a roll or two in your bag. The plane tray table makes a fun little play area. It can also be a good diversion if you are stuck at the airport and want to create a play area while you wait. The used tape can be easily and quickly removed and thrown away when it’s time to board.

While you are away its also handy to have for the hotel room when you don’t have many other toys with you.



Using Road Tape in Seasonal Play Ideas: 

Plan some specific holiday play using the Road Tape:

 Here are some great ideas of how to use the tape in the run up to special holidays to create play ideas, craft ideas and gift ideas:

  •   Valentines Day: Decorate Valentines Cards with the road tape and  add a toy car as a gift. I have some free valentines card printables for you to download here: https://mailchi.mp/sohandmade/valentines
road tape used for valentines cards

 or use the road tape to create some Valentines themed play:

road tape in valentines play
  •  St Patricks Day: use the road tape with rainbow, shamrock and treasure toys to make a fun activity:
st Patricks day play with road tape
  • Easter: The road tape is a perfect Easter Basket Gift, I have also used it to decorate easter eggs believe it or not!
road tape as Easter Basket gift
  • Mothers Days: Use the tape to spell MOM for a fun way to learn the letter shapes.
Road tape spelling MOM
  • Christmas: Train tracks around the Christmas Tree for the ‘Polar Express’
train tape and snowy toy train
It is also a great stocking stuffer:
Christmas stocking and road tape

Other Ideas For Using Road Tape:

Party décor:

party bags for race car birthday
If you are having a car, monster truck, or construction themed birthday party the
tape can make a great party décor. Stick it along the table to create a road in
 the middle of the party plates and food. Create a large construction zone on the floor complete with construction vehicles, road tape and other toy cars. Or use it for the party favor bags like this photo. I also have a Print At Home Large Construction Coloring Page which is a great party activity! 



race car birthday decor


On An Adventure Outside: 

road tape being used outside on a boulder

I have even seen the road tape being stuck on the driveway, rocks and picnic tables to create fun car play outside! Go on an adventure and get creative, but don't forget to remove and dispose of at home



    Where to buy Road Tape

    Here at So Handmade we offer rolls of road and train tape available to purchase by the roll or in packs of 4 or 10.

     Order Here: Buy road tape here

     buy train track tape here

    Road Tape Details

    Road Tape Rolls are grab-and-go ready and can adhere to any surface without leaving a residue when peeled. Available in Road or Train tracks—mix and match to make an expansive street map as wide as their imagination! Great for playroom decor and train track decoration anywhere.

    • Road Tape rolls are 2" wide and 5m long (5.5 yards)
    • Available in single, double packs, packs of 4, and packs of 10
    • Also available as a gift set with a train toy and a excavator toy truck
    • Pull it up easily without leaving residue
    • Not reusable
    • CPSC Safety Compliant
    • Hours of fun guaranteed! 

    And don't forget to buy your Candylab Toy Cars to go with the tape! And my bestselling Toy Car Storage  or Car Play Mat for when you are out and about. 

     Road tape Customer Reviews:

    road tape customer reviews

    I hope you got lots for ideas for activities to do with your toddlers using your road tape! Be sure to share with us on instagram, TikTok or Facebook 

    Let me know any other fun things that you do!


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