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1000 hours outside challenge

1000 Hours Outside Challenge: Outdoor Activities To Enjoy

1000 Hours Outside Challenge: Outdoor Activities To Enjoy

 In the new year, one of my resolutions was to get outside more. I decided to join the 1000 hours outside challenge, emphasizing the importance of spending time outdoors to match (or hopefully surpass) the amount of screen time kids receive each year. This challenge significantly impacts childhood and family life, fostering a deeper connection with nature and each other through active, outdoor family engagements.

Having the challenge in place makes it so fun to stay motivated, get creative, and explore! You can read more about 1000 hours outside here. The adventure wallet and travel pencil case are perfect for this challenge and documenting all of your adventures.


1000 Hours Outside Challenge

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Here are 3 fun ideas of things to do outside with your kids to get those hours in:

  • Nature i-spy: Create a list of items to search for on your walk. If you live somewhere that isn’t currently covered by snow you could also make it more challenging by adding a certain color to search for. It keeps those little minds busy and engaged while finding things to complete their list!
  • Beach toys: No matter where you live, dig out those beach toys! Beach toys are not only a blast to use in dirt and at the beach, but they’re also fun to use with snow. Playing outdoors with beach toys encourages imaginative and independent play, allowing children to explore and enjoy the natural world away from screens.
  • Make bird feeders: With colder temperatures, and less leaves we always love to make bird feeders to give the birds some extra food. All you need is a pinecone (which you can find on your adventures), peanut butter, a string, and bird seed.
  1. Tie the string to the top of the pinecone

  2. Roll the pinecone in peanut butter

  3. Cover the peanut butter with bird seed

  4. Hang on a tree for birds to enjoy!

Consider using an app to track the hours your children spend outside each week, setting a goal to encourage more time spent in nature. Start a garden or maybe make an outdoor kitchen for the kids to get messy in. Make sure you invest in some really good waterproof and cold weather suits and boots for them to make they continue to enjoy being outdoors even in cold weather.

Camping is also a great family adventure to go on together, spending time sleeping and eating outside can be a thrilling experience for the kids.


Girl with adventure wallet on picnic


My kids travel wallet above is great for keeping track of your adventures!

It's definitely a challenge committing to this schedule of outdoor activities. But the value of doing it far surpasses the challenging rainy and cold days!

Being involved in outdoor activities, whether we reached our 1000 hours challenge or not, has brought immense personal growth, creativity, and stronger family bonds. The importance of teaching children to respect nature is very also really important.

Good luck on your journey to 1000 hours outside.

There is so much to explore outside. I hope these ideas will inspire you to join in!

If you are going exploring check out our collection of adventures toys our toddler travel tips! 

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