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10 Must-Have Travel Play Mats for Fun-Filled Adventures

10 Must-Have Travel Play Mats for Fun-Filled Adventures

Are you planning a family vacation with your little ones? Don't forget to pack a travel playmat to keep them entertained and engaged during your fun-filled adventures. From a road trip to flights and hotel stays, having a portable play mat can make all the difference in keeping your little one happy and occupied.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 10 must-have travel playmats that are super easy for on-the-go families. If you are looking for an alternative to screens that is convenient, compact and can fit easily in your bag. Check out our recommendations:

Travel Play Mats:

1.    Car Storage

Toy car playmat on a plane ride

This is a combined toy car storage and playmat. It can hold 6 small hot wheels sized cars and roll up to bring out and about.

The other side has a track to drive cars around. It has numbers 1-6 to practice parking the cars and learning numbers



2.    Train Play Mat:

train play mat for travel with toddlers

This organic train travel playmat comes with this cute wooden train which fits neatly into the tunnel to roll up and stow in your bag.

It’s the perfect size for a plane tray table or for a cafe or restaurant! 



3.    Construction Play Mat:

construction playmat for traveling with kids


Like the train play mat this Construction Play Mat comes with a cute wooden construction vehicle which fits into the tunnel.

Zoom and play in the construction zone!


4.    River Play Mat:

river play mat for toddler travel


Inspired by the Hudson River and the iconic lighthouses that are found up and down it.

The Hudson River Playmat comes with a lovely sturdy wooden boat that can travel under the bridge.


5.    Play Mat Roads:

play mat roads with kids playing


This large roadway playmat has roads, a train track and four pockets for storing your favorite cars and trains.

Roll it up and use the fastening loop to hang it on a wall for easy storage



6.    Car Play Mat:

car play mat with child playing in car seat


This fun car playmat can store 4 larger cars which fit into the pockets and easily rolls up to bring out and about.

Play on the roads and on and through the tunnel. The pockets are numbered to learn number recognitions and counting practice.


7.    Halloween Play Mat:

Halloween play mat


I love this seasonal play mat! Enjoy the spooky season with this Halloween Playmat! It comes with 4 spooky wooden toys and rolls up small to bring out and about.

The design shows all things spooky including spiderwebs, bats, a stray house, a witch, a cemetery and scary pumpkins.


8.    Alphabet Play Mat:

alphabet play mat


Easy to bring out and about this portable letters play mat comes with 26 beautifully made wooden letters.

These can be stored in the zippered pouch and taken out when needed. Match the letters and spell your name, it's great for learning on the go! I also have a lowercase version here


9.    Dinosaur Play Mat:

dinosaur play mat


Enjoy some Dino-Fun with this unique dinosaur play mat. Made with 100% cotton, it comes with 4 wooden friends for dino-loving kids: Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus, and Brachiosaurus.

A fun fossil-themed design transports your child to a prehistoric world anywhere you go. Dinos beware: there’s even a volcano to navigate to avoid going extinct!


10. Play Mat T-shirt:

car play mat t shirt


Why not use dads back as the most fun play mat of all! With this Car Playmat Shirt you can play on dads back! 

The track patterned gray t shirt has a play mat printed on the back allowing parents to lie on their stomach while the little ones drive, chug and zoom all over their back.



BONUS: Car Play Mat and Pouch: 

Toy Car Mat

And finally I have a new Toy Car Mat and Pouch which has a lightweight play mat inside AND it can hold your favorite cars!  Let me know your little ones name and I can personalize it too!






Other Travel Toy Ideas

road tape on plane tray table

How about making your own playmat while you are out and about?

Using our road or train tape you can stick it down just about anywhere to make your own play adventure! 

Check out our road and train tape here


Check out my collection of Screen Free Toddler Toys for busy kids on the go!



Benefits of Using a Travel Play Mat on a Trip

So Handmades range of Travel Playmats are great to keep in your purse to bring out when needed. They also have benefits for your kids and an alternative to screens.


play mat travel

1. Entertainment and engagement:

Travel playmats provide an imaginative backdrop to your kids own stories and adventures. This story can change and continue throughout the journey to endlessly entertain them on a long journey.

2. Imagination and creativity:

Travel playmats help stimulate children's imagination and creativity. They can create their own stories while playing on these mats. To start play use the theme of the play mat to spark conversations which can turn into elaborate stories and games.  

3. Educational opportunities:

learning and educational play mat

With these travel playmats it is possible to develop learning games within your kids play so they can develop these skills on the go. Examples include naming all the different dinosaurs, matching games, counting the cars and tracing the shapes with their fingers.

4. Comfort and familiarity:

Traveling can be overwhelming for children, especially when they are in unfamiliar environments. Having a travel playmat provides them with a sense of comfort and familiarity, making them feel more secure and at ease during their adventure. Adding their favorite toy car to a car play mat can help them to feel more at home even when in a different place.

5. Portability and versatility:

portable and convenient travel toys

So Handmade’s Travel playmats are specifically designed to be portable and light weight, making them easy to carry around during trips.

They can be folded or rolled up for compact storage and can be used both indoors and outdoors, providing endless opportunities for play. Perfect for long trips, on a picnic, to the park and even take to the beach or grandmas house!


Travel Play Mats for Different Age Groups

We recommend you visit these collections aimed at each age group:

product for 18 month old
product for 2 year olds
product for 3 year olds
product for 4 year olds
product for 5 year old and up


Conclusion: The Importance of Travel Play Mats for Enjoyable Family Trips

As you can see, travel playmats are essential for enjoyable family trips. They provide a safe and engaging space for your little ones, keeping them happy and entertained during a road trip, long journeys and hotel stays.

Having a convenient playmat in your travel bag will not only will it keep your child occupied, but it will also encourage their imagination and creativity to flourish.

So, don't forget to pack a travel playmat on your next family vacation or road trip. It's the perfect small addition to your travel essentials that can make a big difference in creating memorable and fun-filled adventures for your little ones. Happy travels!

"My son loves his car playmat! Its so light weight and doesn't take up too much space in our travel bag, Highly Recommend!"


travel play mat reviews
 review of travel play mat


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Where to buy?

So Handmades collection of travel product are affordable and range from a price of around $25-$35. They are made in the US from organic materials. Each design has been drawn by hand and then screen printed in our studio.

They are all made by in my home studio by my dedicated team. They are tried and tested by many littles ones and their parents and come highly recommended, just check out the incredible reviews!

Any Questions? Additional information about So Handmade can be found here.

Available for purchase here:

Travel Toys for 18 Month Olds

Travel Toys for 2 Year Olds

Travel Toys for 3 Years Olds

Travel Toys for 4 Years Olds

Travel Toys for Older Children

Happy Traveling! 

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Traveling With Toddlers

So handmade range of travel toys are ideal companions for your travels, dining outings, or visits to Grandma's house.

Active toddlers and preschoolers often have abundant energy to expend while waiting at restaurants, during flights, or car rides. Being on the move shouldn't hinder their enjoyment of imaginative play!

The idea is straightforward: provide children with tangible toys suitable for play anywhere, ensuring they're portable and easy to manage.

Offering handmade toys as an option empowers kids to unleash their creativity, filling in colors and sounds against the canvas of a simple roadmap.