road letters and numbers: alphabet tracing worksheets
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car play mat shirt, father's day gift from toddler
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travel pencil case
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toy car storage
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roadway tape
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rainbow crown
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ABC Play Mat
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Rainbow Purse For Little Girl
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Construction Play Mat
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train play rug
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crayon holder with multicolored crayons, Create, storage, kids, colors, order, content, add, holder, note, image, pencil holder, pencils
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Hudson River play mat
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Travel wallet for kids
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magic wand toy rainbow
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car play mat, Address, playroom, details, security, bright, helpful
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bestselling kids travel toys

Our Bestselling Collection of Kids Travel Toys and Play Mats

Going on a road trip with kids and need some distraction?

So Handmade has all the best screen-free toys for travel. With our bestselling play mats, your little ones will be entertained without having to resort to electronics. Our products are designed especially for busy toddlers who can't seem to stay still - whether you're out and about or in a restaurant, they won’t stop playing!

Get creative and keep everything stress-free with these imaginative mess free play mats including this alphabet learning play mat  that will provide hours of entertainment! Stimulate your children's imaginations while avoiding screens.

Promote younger kids development on road trips or on a long haul flight. Whether its on the tray table, their lap or the hotel room on a rainy day these travel toys are great for little hands for their fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and imaginations.

Bestselling Kids Travel Toys 

Show your little kids what excitement awaits them with So Handmade's incredible selection of high-quality sensory toys that are perfect for traveling parents everywhere! Kids love them! Shop now!

Check out my blog post Toddler Travel Tips  and Toys for Travel: Entertaining Your Toddler on A Plane


Shop So Handmade Travel Toy Collections For Your Next Trip Here:

Check out these great toys collections curated especially for each age group!

Don't forget So Handmade when you go on your next trip!  

Better toys for better travels.....

...even if you're just headed to dinner

So Handmade toys are perfect for taking on your travels, out to dinner or to Grandmas house. Busy toddlers and preschoolers have lots of energy to burn when waiting at restaurants, on planes, and in cars. Just because you're on the go, doesn't mean your little ones can't enjoy imaginative play! The concept is simple: give kids real toys they can play with anywhere, and make them easy to transport and keep together. For example my montessori inspired ABC Play Mat is the perfect travel companion as its portable, compact and can have your younger kids having fun and learning on the go!

Having SO Handmade toys as an alternative gives kids a way to use their imaginations to fill in colors and sounds on a simple backdrop of a roadmap. 

So Handmade toys are made with eco-friendly values, high quality craftsmanship, organically sourced materials and with an environmentally conscious approach. When you receive your So Handmade goodies they are packaged beautifully in boxes and mailers that are made from recycled materials. Each and every SO Handmade piece is handmade in my Woodstock, New York studio space.

Even the fabric scraps are donated and reused making this a zero waste studio.