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Eco-friendly travel toys for children

Hi, I'm Sarah, founder and maker of SO Handmade. I create safe, portable and practical toys that can be taken out and about. These help to keep kids entertained in sometimes very confined spaces without always resorting to giving them electronic devices.

I design my products myself and hand screen the fabric before I sew them together. I work in my home studio in Woodstock NY.

SO Handmade Values

Environmentally conscious ♥ High quality ♥ Organically source

Enrichment toys

My products are aimed to inspire children's creativity, imagination, and help them appreciate the world around them.

Screen time alternative

SO Handmade is a truly unique business that provides parents with an alternative to screen time. Many busy parents are looking for ways their kids can be kept entertained and engaged when out. Children can play happily while parents relax.

Being a Mother to two children I develop toys that I see the need for in mine and my own children’s lives. These fill the gap between organization and fun and give children the chance to explore their own imaginations and engage in self-directed play; especially on-the-go!

I am inspired by my own kids and their imaginations as they are constantly coming up with new stories and games while playing with their own playmats. I also get a lot of inspiration from my customers who give me great ideas for future products to inspire their little ones.

I believe in doing everything possible to safeguard our planet for future generations that is why I source organic materials. Additionally, I use eco-friendly recycled packaging. All my products are CPSC safety compliant.