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Outer Space Play Mat and Plushies Instructions

Outer Space Play Mat and Plushies Instructions

I have launched a new Outer Space Sewing Kit!  Make your own Outer Space Playmat with 3 plushies. The alien, UFO and astronaut plushies which fit perfectly in the pockets and the whole thing rolls up to carry out and about with you.

You can purchase the whole kit here on my website. It comes with everything  you will need to make the playmat and plushies. Alternatively you can just buy the fabric here on  Spoonflower.  I recommend buying a yard of the Signature Petal Fabric for this project.

rocket ship play mat and plushies

 A sewing machine is necessary to sew it with a beginner to intermediate level of sewing knowledge.

The fabric piece contains instructions on how to sew it but I wanted to include more instructions here including photos if more detail is needed.

If you buy the fabric from Spoonflower you will also need:

  • 4" piece of elastic (1/8" or 1/4" thick)
  • Button
  • Stuffing


sewing the playmateironing the play mat
1. Cut out all the playmat and pocket pieces 1/8" away from the edge of the blue shapes
2. Iron pocket piece along center fold line
3. Pin pocket piece over the front playmat piece lining up the sides and edges
4. Sew the two vertical lines (stitch lines A&B) forming the pockets



sewing the play mat with sewing machineelastic on the right spot

5. Fold elastic in two and sew onto back playmat piece at point C (as photo above) Go over a few times to reinforce
6. Put back playmat piece over the top of the front piece right sides together and pin in place
7. Sew all around 1/4" from the edge leaving a 2" gap in one side above the pocket
8. Snip the corners and turn inside out
9. Push corners out with a chop stick and iron flat
10. Sew all around 1/4" from the edge
11. Hand sew button on at point D

1. Cut plushie shapes out 1/8" away from the outside of the dotted lines.
2. Match the front and the back putting the right sides together and pin in place
3. Sew around the outside 1/4" from the edge leaving a 1" gap in the bottom
4. Snip corners and turn inside out. Iron flat


cutting out plushiesstuffing the plushies

5: Fill with stuffing and hand sew the hole closed

Remember to add your space explorers name to the rocket. You can do this with a sharpie.

Put plushies in the pockets, fold playmat in half top to bottom and roll up. Fasten with elastic over button.

play mat all rolled up

Makes a great toy for taking out and about!

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