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Better toys for Better Travels

...even if you're just headed to dinner

So Handmade toys are made with eco-friendly values, high quality craftsmanship, organically sourced materials and with an environmentally conscious approach. When you receive your So Handmade goodies they are packaged beautifully in boxes and mailers that are made from recycled materials. Each and every SO Handmade piece is handmade in my Woodstock, New York studio space.

Even the fabric scraps are donated and reused making this a zero waste studio.

Kids Toys For Travel

On-the-go toys for road trips or just going to Grandmas house!

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Road Trip Toys

So Handmade toys are perfect for taking on a road trip, traveling,  out to dinner or to Grandmas house. Busy toddlers and preschoolers have lots of energy to burn when waiting at restaurants, on planes, and in cars.
Just because you're on the go, doesn't mean your little ones can't enjoy imaginative play! The concept is simple: give kids real toys they can play with anywhere, and make them easy to transport and keep together.
Having SO Handmade toys as an alternative gives kids a way to use their imaginations to fill in colors and sounds on a simple backdrop of a roadmap. 

"Omg my toddler is obsessed with this. He's spent hours playing with it on airplanes, in hotels, at restaurants, etc."